2010 Ontario Fishing and Hunting License Fees

We’ve listed the 2010 fees to buy Ontario fishing and hunting licenses below since we understand that every dollar counts when planning your fishing and hunting trips.

Walleye from Lake WenasagaOntario Non-Resident Fishing Licenses *

  • Seasonal Fishing License $69.50
  • 8-day Regular Fishing License $44.50
  • 8-day Conservation Fishing License $25.75

Ontario Non-Resident Hunting Licenses *

  • Moose Hunting License $396.75
  • Black Bear Hunting License $198.25
  • Deer Hunting License $198.25
  • Wolves / Coyotes Hunting License $245.25
  • Small Game Hunting License $99.25

Additionally, new regulations (as of last year) require you to purchase an Outdoors Card before you can acquire a license. This card is either a fishing or a duel hunting/fishing non-resident Outdoors Card, costs $9 and is good for 3 years from the date of purchase (you need to remember to bring the card back up to Canada every year).

If you were up here last year, bought an Outdoors Card and didn’t receive it in the mail, just be sure to bring that pink slip of paper you received when you filled out the application last year… it works even if you didn’t get your card in the mail.

If you plan to hunt in Ontario please plan ahead and purchase the duel hunting/fishing outdoors card (you will need an original hunting license from your state of residence).

We sell the licenses and the Outdoors Cards so you you can simply purchase from us when you arrive this year. In future years, the government plans to bring the license purchase process online and we’ll keep you posted when this happens.

*Please note that the above fees are in Canadian dollars and depending on where you purchase the licenses and the current exchange rate, you might be paying different amounts in U.S. dollars.  Also be aware that after July 1, 2010 the provincial government will be charging an additional tax of 8%.

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