Black Bear Hunts in Ontario, Canada

High Success Rates

The Ontario black bear hunts at Wenasaga Lodge have an extremely high success rate. The percentage of shootable black bears at our hunting stands is 90% since 2005. Our black bear hunting area contains over 500 square miles of land and the hunting areas are divided up for each group of hunters. We bait the bears for up to two months before the season begins and will always put you on a stand that is being actively hit. We will never put you on stands that have been used by previous hunters that year. On your first day hunting, we will help you get set up in the stand and teach your hunting group the black bear baiting process. After that, your bear hunting group takes the responsibility for transportation to the site and the recovery of the black bears after they’ve been hit.

All you need to bring for your bear hunting trip is groceries, personal hunting gear, fishing gear, life jackets, and a hunting license from your home state. This hunting license can be a previous or current one but needs to come from your home state and will be required in order for you to get your Ontario bear hunting license. Remember to bring that license. You also must be 16 years or older to hunt in Canada.

Proof of citizenship is required to enter Canada. Acceptable proof of citizenship includes a valid passport, a birth certificate with an official raised seal, and a voter registration card. Proof of auto insurance is also required if driving. Gun permits are required. Anyone with a felony charge, including drunk driving charges, may not be allowed into Canada. Please note that you are required to have a valid U.S. passport in order to reenter the United States. Call us at 807-222-3482 and we will further assist you with more information.

ontario bear hunting

All Hunting Trips Include:

  • 6 Days at Wenasaga Lodge – Arrive on Saturday and the bear hunts begin Sunday afternoon. Enjoy 5 consecutive evenings of bear hunting outings or until you get a bear, whichever comes first.
  • Active Bear Hunting Sites – Pre-baited, well prepared sites that include comfortable 10 – 12 foot high stands.
  • Modernized, Waterfront Cottages – Fully equipped cottages with screened in porches, modern plumbing, and kitchens where you can prepare your own meals. For your convenience, a towel change is provided twice a week.
  • A 6-Day Fishing Package – Includes 16 foot Lund boats with 15 HP motors as well as free gas and bait. The boats are fully equipped with swivel seats, paddles, an anchor, landing net, and a bait bucket.

Black Bear Hunting Rates 2019

  • 2-3 person party – $1,750 U.S. per person (subject to applicable taxes)
  • 4-8 person party – $1,700 U.S. per person (subject to applicable taxes)

Our black bear hunting packages do not include the processing of a bear, the required bear export permit, hunting permit (approximately $189) or fishing permit (approximately $43). We can recommend a good butcher to process the bear meat and hide for you. The export permit can be purchased in the town of Ear Falls, only 8 miles away from Wenasaga Lodge.

Hunting Check-in and Deposit Information

Check-in time begins at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. Check-out time is at 10:00 a.m. the following Friday. A deposit of $500 per adult is required to confirm your reservation. Deposit refunds are at our discretion. All rates are quoted in U.S. funds and are subject to sales tax. We will accept personal checks for deposits but will only accept cash or money orders for the remainder of your balance.